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We’re the place to be to enjoy short films, at home by the tv or on the go on your smart phone. The full selection of our short films can be found of, but for those of you who don’t know where to start, here’s a few themes to start with.

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Sometimes we put the spotlight on some of our content providers, and this time we have chosen film maker Dean Midas Maynard from UK. After all, it’s soon Valentine… Such delights…

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Beneath the surface, where the depths conceal mysteries both shallow and profound, the theme of “Water” flows through narratives that explore the unseen currents of life.

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Each film, a unique brushstroke in the canvas of the human experience, paints the theme of “Red” in intriguing and unexpected strokes.


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A call for an intern

At Shortly we love genre short film and if you share our passion, we’ve got an exciting opportunity to join our team in our intern position as film screening/program curator for Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. Want to know more?

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The second edition of the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards is now open for submissions!