FAQ Filmmaker

What is Shortly? 

Shortly is a video-on-demand platform for short formats only. We are here to make short formats easy to share and easy to watch, and to provide a way for filmmakers of short formats to visability. Filmmakers submitt their films and viewers sign up to watch

What is a short film?

There is much debate about this, but at Shortly a short film must contain some form of narrative or concept and be between one minute and 59 minutes and 59 seconds long.

FAQ for Filmmakers 

How does this work – short version?

Filmmakers submitt films at support@shortly.film

Do I need to include English subtitles? 

Yes, our viewers come from countries around the world and English subtitles is the safest bet for making sure your film can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Also, short films are perfect for watching in transit, so subtitles make viewing easier in noisy spaces such as trains and buses.

How can I promote my film on Shortly?

Shortly will continuously market the Shortly service and thus the content in itself.
As a Filmmaker you have the opportunity to contribute editorial content, be a part of special themed events that match your film and easily share content on social media. Shortly is an ever-evolving platform and we are determined to always seek new ways to connect Filmmakers with audiences.


Someone has uploaded my film as theirs, what should I do?
Contact us immediately at support@shortly.film.

I’m not sure if I own all the rights to my film, what should I do?
You are solely responsible for the content you upload and it is your responsibility to ensure you have all the permissions you need to do so. Please see Terms and Conditions section 2.3 for further details.

More questions?
If you have further questions please contact us at support@shortly.film