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A big dollop of emotions exploited in front of a camera, spilling raw and unfiltered across the screen.

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Shortly had an opportunity to ask the multi-talented, award winning, charismatic genius Clarissa Jacobson a few questions about short filmmaking.

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The theme of “Water” flows through narratives that explore the unseen currents of life.

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We believe storytellers should get a chance to make a living of their art. Shortly is here to help you get seen.

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A call for an intern At Shortly we love genre short film and if you share our passion, we’ve got an exciting opportunity to join our team in our intern position as film screening/program curator for Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. Want to know more? Send an email to

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Shortly is a video-on-demand platform for short film. We make short film easy to find and easy to watch. Our mission? To be your platform for short film, the easiest and smartest place for short film fans to come together to show, watch and love shorts.

We want to bring back the glory of short film and make sure that great stories do not go unheard.