Are you looking for the perfect space to do successful online events? For your concert, film festival, webinar, panel talk, aw etc.

ShortlyEvents makes it possible to launch any online event, sell tickets to the audience at home, locally in one country, or all over the world. ShortlyEvents has developed a technical state-of-the-art platform for a global audience to experience the world online.
ShortlyEvents is a user-friendly solution that is quick to deploy, easy to scale and guarantees premium quality streaming whether your event is focused on audience experience, user friendliness, possibility to monetize etc.
ShortlyEvents vision is to deliver events to a global mass audience, on demand or in real time streaming. Our mission is to enable all the unable to be a part of a cultural exchange, a debate, an ongoing discourse between people, regardless and unhindered by physical restraints and obstacles.

Let us help you get your events online, please contact:
Eva Thunell, CEO and founder