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Shortly is all about returning short films to their former glory and making them easy to find and easy to watch. We thought it was a dying shame that it was so hard to get easy access to short film, and even more for filmmakers to earn money from making them – so we decided to change that.  

We aim to make Shortly the number one platform for short film, – the smartest place for you to get your short film seen across the world. From Shorts that need access to a global market to those needing distributing in countries beyond their current deal, Shortly is here to help you get seen.

We believe storytellers should get a chance to make a living of their art. Our mission is to explore today´s technology and how it can unite and entertain us, and offer a model for profitability for artists. You upload your film for free – and receive royalty when viewed. Sounds too easy? Well, we think it is a fair deal and about time that those who give their all for short film also get a chance to earn a living from their art.

Art, storytelling and technology goes hand in hand, and Shortly believes in an open-access platform free from artistic, political and stylistic judgement.    

We are just getting up and running and are developing new features regularly. Don’t wait to share your work – get up and running you too.  


You upload your film for free. You chose what markets to make your film visible and you keep all rights to your film. When your film is viewed you receive royalty.

It´s completely free to share your work on Shortly. Try our service today. Don´t let your story go unseen.


  • Create an account.
  • Upload as many films as you want.
  • Track the minutes that your film has been shown. More detailed analytics coming soon.
  • Not happy with our service? Take your films off our website at any time.

You are fully in control of who can watch your film. One single country or the entire world – you decide and control.  


  • Select the countries where you want your films to be available
  • Sold distribution rights in one country or region? On Shortly the rest of the world can still watch your film.
  • Keep control over your rights. We don´t ask you to sign anything over to us.

Shortly believes that filmmakers deserves a chance to earn a living of their art.


  • With a few simple clicks you chose who can watch your films
  • Get treated fairly. The more your work is watched, the more you earn.
  • Not happy with our service? You can take your film off Shortly at any time.

Our video-on-demand platform offers filmmakers:

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A self-contained showcase
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An alternative revenue stream
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Possibility to choose where to be seen
Are you ready to challenge convention and do things differently?