Canadians and their puppets

This could be a text about Canadian short film making.

This could also be a text about dolls, puppets, and mannequins, as appears in these three featured short films.

I chose it to be about the love child between Sasquatch and Wendigo, the pulp of Canada.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Wendisquatch.
This massive stature roams the never-ending pine infested lands. Its fur, a tapestry of shadows, echoing the enigmatic depths of the forest, and antlers that reach for the heavens crowns its head.
It’s an otherworldly grace, embodying the essence of both its mythical parents, the eerie hunger of the Wendigo and the gentle wisdom of Sasquatch. In the moonlit glades, where legends are written in the rustling leaves, the Wendisquatch roams, a guardian of the mystical nexus between the primal forces that shape the wild, a living testament to the union of two legendary beings.

Amazing Grace" title="Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Canada, 20 minutes

A young woman, finished with her work , has nowhere to go. In spite of the cold, she is softly swept away into a world of dreams.

Lost for Words" title="Lost for Words

Lost for Words

Canada, 10 minutes

An unusual girl leads a lost little boy through a fairy-tale land filled with fantastic creatures and powerful words.

Can’t close a painted eye" title="Can’t close a painted eye

Can’t close a painted eye

Canada, 8 minutes

On her way home through the forest, Inez finds Carmen, bleeding and surrounded by broken mannequins.

3 short surprises

3 Surprice short movies

Fathom my surprise when I saw that we have three short films titled “Surprise”!

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