Short book films

The written word is a double-edged sword that navigates the waters between sinister intentions and the salvation of profound truths. In the hands of the wielder, the texts and the images become a portal to realms unexplored.
Until we arrive, as Conquistadors.

The Holy path" title="The Holy path

The Holy path

Australia, 11 minutes

A young couple struggles with an over religious and protective mother. And the solar eclipse is coming…

The Lesser Key of Solomon" title="The Lesser Key of Solomon

The Lesser Key of Solomon

Hungary, 11 minutes

Hans must find the right passage in a book to drive away the menace entity back to darkness.

Ashes" title="Ashes


Argentina, 10 minutes

Two Sisters on their way home from school diverts from their usual path…

Broken Wings" title="Broken Wings

Broken Wings

United Kingdom, 6 minutes

A struggling young girl finally finds her way to freedom.

3 short surprises

3 Surprice short movies

Fathom my surprise when I saw that we have three short films titled “Surprise”!

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