Short Water Movies

Beneath the surface, where the depths conceal mysteries both shallow and profound, the theme of “Water” flows through narratives that explore the unseen currents of life.

Still Water

Singapore, 4 minutes
In the bustling cityscape of Singapore, a seemingly innocent flirtation takes an unexpected turn into the sinister depths below. What lies beneath the surface, however shallow, unravels as the ripples of deceit disturb the still water of everyday life.

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The Water Queen

South Africa, 17 minutes
Amidst a scorched earth where water is a luxury for the privileged few, Nobunye faces desperation. Tapping into her indigenous roots, she discovers the magic hidden within, calling upon Mother Nature for assistance. In a world parched by inequality, the quest for water becomes a mystical journey.

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The House in the Water

France, 14 minutes
Within the enchanting landscapes of France, a tired writer devoid of inspiration finds solace in teaching literature at a school. Unbeknownst to him, a muse lingers within the depths of his surroundings, and as he explores the waters of academia, he unravels the submerged sources of creativity hidden beneath the surface.

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In this cinematic exploration of the theme “Water,” the narratives dive into the enigmatic realms that exist beyond what meets the eye. Each story, like a river carving its path, reveals the depths of human experiences, secrets, and the profound connections we share with the essence of water.

Water symbolizes the ebb and flow of life, representing change, adaptability, and the ever-shifting nature of existence. As a purifier, water holds spiritual significance, cleansing and renewing the soul in various rituals and ceremonies. Mythologically, water often serves as a boundary, a gate, between realms, a liminal space where the ordinary transcends into the extraordinary. From the soothing embrace of tranquil rivers to the tempestuous power of mighty oceans, the mythos of water reflects the vast spectrum of human experiences and emotions.

Clarissa Jacobson is an actress, a creator, a screen writer, a filmmaker and has her own label.

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