March 8th – The International Women’s Day

For this special occasion we have selected eight fantastic shorts about Women.

We at Shortly, recognize the International Women’s Day and celebrates the multifaceted nature of women through a curated selection of short films. Each film delves into diverse aspects of the female experience, portraying women of all ages and mindsets. From toxic relationships to unyielding determination, these narratives explore themes such as identity, societal expectations, aging, body image, and grief. The films vividly depict the challenges and joys that women encounter in their lives. As the stories unfold, they present a powerful reminder that women, much like the films themselves, come in every shape, form, and mindset imaginable. Through compelling characters like Susie, Violetta, and Nina, the films capture the intricate tapestry of women’s lives.

Susie" title="Susie


US, 13 minutes

Susie and Andy's relationship has become toxic. To deal with Andy's controlling and emotionally damaging actions, Susie begins to manifest a real and physical horror.

Bambina" title="Bambina


Italy, 7 minutes

Violetta is in search for a specific man. When she'll find him, things won't go as she expected. But that wouldn't stop her from getting what she wants, at any cost.

Fake" title="Fake


France, 14 minutes

A photographer rejects a fake smile from her model. But the girl holds on to it as to her true identity. Tension rises, and secretly, an experience of initiation begins...

Alone" title="Alone


Australia, 11 minutes

Nina is caught between two realities. A haunting story of one woman’s attempt to gain freedom and live as her true self no matter what the cost.

Playback" title="Playback


Iran, 14 minutes

In quarantine, a man and a woman play a married couple – husband and wife, and then change the roles.

Rapelle-moi" title="Rapelle-moi


France, 7 minutes

Solange is having lunch in a small restaurant with her aging mother as she does every Sunday.

Am I too BIG?" title="Am I too BIG?

Am I too BIG?

Japan, 4 minutes

Tomowo is going to meet a pretty girl named Haruko found on SNS. Haruko was worried about if she is too big.

Running on empty" title="Running on empty

Running on empty

United Kingdom, 18 minutes

Unable to cope with the loss of her daughter, Alice books herself into a clinic where they promise to heal her emotional traumas by removing the pain and sadness completely…

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3 Surprice short movies

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