Theme: French short films

This could be a text about France and French significance in short film making.
It could start with the Lumiere brothers and the early days of motion pictures and the Cinematograph. But it could also be about Suzy and Dany. There is always a Suzy and a Dany lurking in the shadows, disrupting, sabotaging your well thought plans. They are a nuisance. Like a mold on your chin. But they have a purpose. To let you know that there is always someone smarter than you are out there. So wise up, cool down, and grab a knife.

Sometimes technology doesn’t serve us the way its intended. Its all about the human mind after all. That’s the key! The mind and of course, Suzy and Dany…

Lifever" title="Lifever


Sci-fi, 14 minutes

Karine is 16 and lives with her mother. Every day, she chats with her father, on the phone or on a web cam. One evening, Karine's mother announces her that their financial situation has become very precarious. The whole family balance is questioned. Now, it's really time to tell it. But tell what? And to whom?

Cruel tale, Friday kills" title="Cruel tale, Friday kills

Cruel tale, Friday kills

Horror, 27 minutes

In a hostel, Managers from a big company are coming for a secret meeting. On behalf of the new bioethic Law, they plan a conspiracy about the slaughter of their own employees they want to layoff. However, they just did not expect Suzy and Dany.

Aquabike" title="Aquabike


Fantasy, 23 minutes

After being deeply traumatized by a fish at age 15 when swimming in the Seychelles, Sophie has never been able to go in the water again. Now she is 35 and Anaïs, her best friend has decided to offer her an aquaphoby treatment session with Aquaman, a healer guru with quite radical methods.

3 short surprises

3 Surprice short movies

Fathom my surprise when I saw that we have three short films titled “Surprise”!

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