A big Dollop

A big dollop of emotions exploited in front of a camera, spilling raw and unfiltered across the screen. Tara’s confusion and fear blend seamlessly with the tense confrontation of the young woman facing her intruder, while the girl’s desperate plea for help from her sinister imaginary friend tugs at the heart. Each moment, captured in stark detail, reveals the fragility of human experience. Emotions swirl and collide, creating a powerful visual and narrative tapestry that captivates and unsettles, leaving the audience breathless and contemplative.


India, 25 minutes
Tara, a young girl wakes up in a room that looks unfamiliar. Before she finds out how she landed up in the room, a conversation in the cafe distracts her.

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United States, 9 minutes
A young woman comes face-to-face with a familiar intruder in her home.

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United Kingdom, 12 minutes
A young girl, trapped in an abusive home, seeks help from a sinister imaginary friend.

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Clarissa Jacobson is an actress, a creator, a screen writer, a filmmaker and has her own label.

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