Short Halloween films

In honour of Halloween, we have made this curated selection of films that are already on our platform and ready for you to enjoy and get spooked by 🤡

The Bandaged Man

Micro Short — A woman arrives at a haunted house, when looking for her friend.

Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Producer: Tony MacDonald
Director: Gary J Hewitt
Production year: 2019
Release year: 2019
Actors: Lauren C Moore
Awards: Winner – Berlin Flash Film Festival

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Project ZT Genesis

Genesis is the story of a man who sees a virus appear, sees it spread, sees his all-universe fall apart and sees himself lose everything to become something that he fears, something, barely someone, not human but still alive.

Country: Korea, Republic of
Language: English
Producer: Daniel Smukalla
Director: Aurélien Lainé
Production year: 2012
Release year: 2012
Actors: Kahlid Elijah Tapia, Jessica Yoon, Miles Meili

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In the nineteenth century, a recluse aristocrat becomes convinced that the house and grounds are haunted.

Country: France
Language: French
Producer: Gabriel Galand
Director: Gabriel Galand
Production year: 2014
Release year: 2015
Actors: Tristan Pelissier, Patrice Tepasso, Pierre Porquet, Reine Le Caer

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A deserted, snow-covered landscape. An unknown place and time. An anonymous, timeless man slides into a devastated industrial building. He is enclosed by ruins and rust, indifferent witnesses of time. He advances among the debris, following a ritual as precise as it is cryptic. The past resonates at every step. Echoes of a presence. A solitary figure fluctuates on an abyss. An unmentionable fear. Oblivion. Total disappearance.

Country: Sweden
Language: English
Producer: Michael Krotkiewski
Director: Eloy Domínguez Serén
Production year: 2016
Release year: 2016
Actors: Chris Porcarelli

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– A nasty short with lots of meat

Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch
Producer: Maxim Stollenwerk
Director: Maxim Stollenwerk
Production year: 2012
Release year: 2012

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