1 hour great French short films

Heat Wave

The temperature rises, the blood starts to boil and unpredictable things happen. As the weather gets hotter, so do our passions. We are both lazier and more alive during the summer and when these opposites clash, magic happens. This programme is designed specifically to make you want to go on a journey into the heat.

Young Hearts

Drama 2021
Si t’as un Coeur

Director and writer: Émilie Vandenabeele
Cast: Artus Antonini, Mathilde Le Borgne, Arthur Velten and Lucie Vincentelli
Produced by Maud Deschambres, Bastien Ehouzan
Awards nomination: Berlin International Film Festival 2021
Nominee: Golden Berlin Bear Best Short Film

It’s hot and the holidays are coming to an end. Arthur, Yuna, Lucie and Jurijn are restlessly circling each other, desperately trying to connect.

Anna et Manon vont à la mer

Animation 2020
Anna and Manon go to the Sea

Director and animation: Catherine Manesse
Cast: Giulia Terras, Jasmine Hamadouche and Vito Burkhardt
Production: La Poudrière
Sound Design: Hervé Guyader
Music: Oscar Aubry
Awards and festivals: IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

After a summer camp, Anna and Manon decide to go and live by the sea so they never have to part.


Animation 2013
Sun Stroke

Director: Morgane Le Péchon
Executive Producer: Annick Teninge
Editor: Camille Maury
Voices: Marine Blin, Morten Riisberg Hansen
Music Composer: Mathieu Tiger
Writing Credits: Morgane Le Péchon        
Awards and nominations: Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2014, Poitiers Film Festival 2014

It is hot near the lake and it is Sunday. His father fishes, his mother sunbathes, Irvine imagines himself a bombastic death.


Drama 2020

Director: Polanco Rodríguez Paula
Cast: Pablo Cerquera, Alejandro Losada, Ana Sofía Pulgarín
Awards: Festival International de Cinéma de Marseille (FIDMarseille) 2020

Fourteen-year-old Maria spends her time in the extensive tropical garden of her family house. When she meets her brother and his friend Adrian on motorcycles during the New Year celebrations, she decides to flee with them to find paradise on earth together.

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