August Newsletter 🌊 2021

We have worked through the summer vacation, because we are gearing up for a whole host of new things that are coming your way very soon! 💪

First up are two specially curated programmes, which we’ve made in collaboration with our friends at Rome Independent Film Festival and partners Embassy of Italy in Stockholm/Istituto Italiano di Cultura Stoccolma 🇮🇹 and Institut Français Suède. 🇫🇷
The Italian programme ‘Twisted Realities’ will be shown on our platform from September 2nd till September 12th, and the French Programme ‘Heat Wave’ will be shown from September 16th till September 26th. Mark your calendars and don’t miss these wonderful films!

Twisted Realities
Not everything is as it seems in this crop of Italian films. Get ready to have your world turned upside down and your expectations upended.
‘Amor Fati’ by Luca Imesi
‘Eroi Perduti’ by Lorenzo Giroffi
‘Faceboom’ by Massimo Fanelli
‘The Recycling Man’ by Carlo Ballauri
‘Bataclan’ by Emanuele Aldrovandi
‘God Dress You’ by Mattia Epifani

Heat Wave
The temperature rises, the blood starts to boil and unpredictable things happen. As the weather gets hotter, so do our passions. We are both lazier and more alive during the summer and when these opposites clash, magic happens. This programme is designed specifically to make you want to go on a journey into the heat.
‘Young Hearts’ by Émilie Vandenameele
‘Anna et Manon vont à la mer’ by Catherine Manesse
‘Insolation’ by Morgane Le Péchon
‘Heliconia’ by Paula Rodriguez-Polanco

The Questionnaire
Many of you answered the short questionnaire we sent in our last newsletter, and for that we are very grateful. It has been so interesting to read your responses and suggestions.

If you haven’t filled out the questionnaire, you can still go here and do it – all of it will help us improve our platform and make it even better for you.

Are You Our New Intern?
We want you! Yes, you! 💫
We’re looking for a college student to help us out with communication, graphic design and other marketing related tasks. The internship period would be between August/September and December, with flexible start and end dates.

If you want to know what it takes to run a streaming platform and get an insight into the film industry, please get in touch with us at 🤓