💥🍾New and Glorious | 2022

July 2022

Dear film friends and devoted followers of ShortlyFilm. Thank you all sooo much for your great patience with our beta site and for staying around during the challenging development time!

It is with great pleasure and a lot of excitement we can introduce to You the new and glorious, updated site shortly.film!

The old site was too old and worn, so we decided to make a new one!🎬

If you want to be a part of the shortly.film experience, all you have to do is sign in anew onto the new platform. The old platform will silently submerge into the shadows.

As we’re on some kind of new start, we thought it would be appropriate to briefly explain the different aspects of Shortly.

This is Shortly


The streaming service, exclusively for short films, where filmmakers upload their films and film lovers enjoys them on any device. Curated programs and themes will be more apparent on the new site. With the release of this new platform, we’re once again open for submissions of new films. Drop us a line on hello@shortly.film

Shortly Festival

ShortlyFestival is a user-friendly solution that is quick to deploy, easy to scale and guarantees premium quality streaming whether your focus on audience experience, user friendliness, possibility to monetize etc. Is a service for film festivals around the world to go online. We help you with the technical bits, you decide content, design etc. Drop us a line on festival@shortly.film

Shortly Event

You’re not a festival but want to share something online? No worries, Shortly Event is there for you. We do concerts, panel discussions, live or VoD (Video-on-Demand) and much more. Drop us a line on events@shortly.events


We love to collaborate. Do you have an idea or a project that doesn’t fit the above?
Drop us a line on hello@shortly.film we’re constantly looking for new stuff, collaborations, expansion.

Hope to see you on the other side!
Shortly Team

Clarissa Jacobson is an actress, a creator, a screen writer, a filmmaker and has her own label.

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A call for an intern

At Shortly we love genre short film and if you share our passion, we’ve got an exciting opportunity to join our team in our intern position as film screening/program curator for Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. Want to know more?

Send an email to hello@shortly.film