Shortly Festival


World premiere!
ShortlyFestival, the genre specific
short film festival!

 Submissions is now open!
We proudly announce the birth of ShortlyFestival –
a grand celebration of the macabre,
 the futuristic, and the fantastical!
At ShortlyFestival, we believe a masterpiece is timeless.
Whether it was created yesterday or decades ago,
a remarkable film remains eternally relevant.
Calling all daring filmmakers from present to days gone!
 Rally behind our descent into the unknown and
etch your name in the annals of genre specific short stories.
Your tale could be the next haunting blockbuster!

In the mythical realm of Helsingborg, Sweden, fall, 2024,

 ShortlyFestival will spring to life, creating a vortex of emotions and intrigue.
 #WeSupportFear #UnleashYourImagination #ShortlyFilm&Fest